Spend four minutes with Amy and Karen inside the TNC program and see how easy it is to follow along and become a Therapeutic Nutritional Counselor!

TNC is Right For YOU!

If you are looking to understand the human body, heal naturally, and make a large impact on the world, start right here!

There is no competition, no program like the Therapeutic Nutritional Counselor Program offered anywhere else in the world.

Becoming a Therapeutic Nutritional Counselor will not only change your life, it will change the lives of all those around you. This class has been offered since 2011 in-house and is now available online with a 100% satisfaction rate for one reason - it's nothing short of AMAZING!

What Do You Learn and Earn in TNC ONLINE?

  • An Understanding of How Cells Function, As Well As Your Organs, Glands and That Amazing Body.
  • A Comprehensive View of Natural Health Including Over 120 Natural Modalities
  • Knowledge of How to Use Dozens of Diets from Around the World
  • Life Changing Information on Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF's)
  • And understanding of the importance of Water and the different types
  • Roots of Cancer and Dis-ease
  • Detoxification Methods
  • How/When to Use Supplements
  • Over 60 Classes with Handouts You Can Start Teaching and Using NOW to Help Your Family, Neighbors and Friends!
  • Handouts, Charts, Graphs, And Lists You Can Use in Your Home or Practice
  • Discounts & VIP ACCESS to Karen's Live Events
  • Master Class Training with Karen - 4 Days of Professional Video Footage of TNC Live
  • TNC Binder - The Materials You Need to Create Your Own Reference Guide with Over 300+ Pages of Charts, Graphs, Diagrams + More!
  • FREE Access to EMPOWERED ONLINE. Seven Hours of Jam Packed Health Video from Karen That Will Get You Excited and Pumped for More!
  • Access Now and Access to TNC Online for As Long as We Can Imagine.
  • BONUS: Each Year We Will Release More TNC Material, New Modalities, Updated Video Content and YOU Will Get It Completely Free.
  • You Become a Certified TNC! Letters After Your Name. You Will Have Earned It!  
  • Enjoy Special TNC Retreats Focused on Helping You Help Yourself and Clients!
  • An Entire TNC family!


Become a TNC ONLINE! The TNC price has NEVER and will NEVER be this low again!


TNC is Easy. Fun. Mind Blowing.

EASY - One module with required reading, essays and quiz released each month.  

FUN - This is about having fun as well as learning a great deal of amazing modalities, and science based health education. You will love your new online TNC Family!

MIND BLOWING - We hear it everyday.  We actually never get sick of it!  As you grow from step one - understanding cells - through seven modules and the four days of classes, you will start blowing minds yourself!

When Do I Get Access?  You gain immediate access to the Fast Track Bonus which is the FOUNDATION of this program.

Then Karen's Cell Talk, followed by module one and every 30 days a new module will open until you have access to all 7.  AWESOME.



There is no other certification anywhere on earth like TNC. You will be EMPOWERED to teach and help others, and you will be a leader in this, the new frontier: THE HUMAN BODY


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