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The Basics of Life: Enzymes, Proteins and Minerals

February 15th - 11AM FACE BOOK LIVE - Karens Holistic Heath   Learn how Proteins break down into Amino Acids.  The method that Minerals come from the ground through plants.  And discover how without Enzymes we would not be able to do dishes, laundry, kill internal infections in our bodies or even break down any food item we eat!  With so many sources, which ones do you trust to use inside of YOU?  



March 2nd 6:30PM - FACE BOOK LIVE AND LIVE AT COPPER TREE WELLNESS STUDIO  HARTFORD, WI.   Discover The Fads, The Real Deals, and What’s Happening in the GUT and at the CELLULAR LEVEL with diets! Ketogenic, Vegan, MCT Oil, Raw food, High Fat, Paleo, Sugar Free, Gluten Free, Bone Broth, Collagen, Ketones, and Vegetarian all cause something different to happen in your cells. We eat and are are made from three basic ingredients, and when you decrease or increase just one of those three main items, it changes YOU. If you want to know where YOUR diet stands, enjoy this class and learn what three things make you you!!  

March 3rd,  10 - 3pm:  Karen’s Healthy à la carte Day 

10am,  Mastering the Human Body with Superfoods!  Discover which superfoods can help you build a healthy body, add muscle mass, and make bones of steel! No Osteoporosis here! Bring your phone -  This is one awesome powerpoint to snap pic’s of!

11am,  Internal Cell Cleaning!  Learn how to clean the body at the cellular level.  Learn in what order the body organs should be cleansed, what cleanses work and which ones cause harm, and shake off the extra pounds!  

12pm,  Discover & Eliminate Your Allergies  Join Karen as she teaches how to test your body for allergies, and then how to eliminate them naturally!  Allergies to peanuts, gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, animals; she will share tips on them all! One method she recommends has a 100% success rate! Come learn the difference between histamine reactions and allergies, food sensitivities and food allergies.

1pm,  What you NEED to Know About Restoring and Balancing Hormones and Neurotransmitters  Discover the difference between Hormones and Neurotransmitters, what stops them from functioning, what causes imbalances, and tips to restore your nervous and endocrine system health! Learn how hormone and neurotransmitter inhibitors work, where you find them, how they cause catastrophic damage, and what you can do about it!

2pm, Taking the FEAR out of Cancer: LIVING CANCER FREE  All of our lives have been touched by cancer. Gaining an understanding of this epidemic will help anyone prepare their cells naturally.  At the cellular level you can detect cancer, reverse most cancer, and ultimately live cancer free. Learn what feeds cancer, what kills it, and what prevents cancer from growing inside of your amazing body! It’s what you know that takes the fear and anger out of cancer.

ALL Classes held at Copper Tree Yoga and Wellness Center 1364 E. Sumner Street, Hartford, WI 53027


INSIDE OUT: Balancing and Building YOU Retreat!

APRIL 30 – MAY 4, 2018

TNCs Only Spring
Retreat at the Superlife Ranch!

Learn what works to help your clients lose weight and keep it off, as well as proper exercises for strengthening the core, back and each specific muscle group. You will enjoy daily yoga and handouts from Hope of Copper Tree Yoga and Wellness Center that you can share with your clients! Eating for weight loss as well as bodybuilding will also be covered. This week will teach how to keep the body fit, trim and feeling young! And of course, the kitchen staff will keep us well fed! REGISTER SOON! We are busy working on our Educational Center at the ranch, and it will be fun to have this be our first event! (Enrolled, Graduated, or TNC's guests only.)

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YOUR CELLS ARE ALIVE!: Understanding the Internal Cellular Universe!

MAY 4 - 5, 2018

Our first Bi-Annual I2H2E Conference.

Friday night – Saturday night will be loaded with presentations and information about how cells function, how they react to different substances, and make YOU YOU! Registration for this conference will be open to the public. More information coming soon. –
Location: St George, Utah.

YOUR BODY'S ENERGY: Balancing the Endocrine, Nervous, Immune and Operational Systems!

OCTOBER 15 - 19, 2018

TNC’S Only Fall
Retreat at the Superlife Ranch!

Learn how to help your clients and yourself maintain great hormonal and neurotransmitter balance, and treat/eliminate allergies and autoimmune reactions! Most thyroid disorders are autoimmune issues, and everything from sleep cycles to sexuality rely on balanced glands, and this week will cover it all! Hope from Copper Tree Yoga and Wellness Center will be joining us!  (Enrolled, Graduated, or TNC's guests only.)

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OCTOBER 19 - 20, 2018
The Bi-Annual I2H2E Conference will be loaded with presentations and information about your amazing organs! How they work, detox, cleanse, eliminate and make your body work! Registration for this conference will be open to the public. More information coming soon. – Location: St George, Utah.


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