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Karen Urbanek, HHP, Creator of TNC, Author, Worldwide Motivator and MOM!

Karen Urbanek has a history with getting back to the basics of health. As a young girl, she was diagnosed with epilepsy after years of undiagnosed episodes. Twenty-eight years ago, while pregnant with her first child, she wanted off medications. She took her health back into her own hands and within months of self-teaching, exhaustive research, and diet changes, she was forever medication and seizure free.

She knows first-hand just how powerful the body is and how quickly it can and will heal if properly understood from  a cellular level. Her self-discovery has become her life-calling; a passion that has helped thousands of people worldwide heal their bodies, their spirits and share what they've learned with others. She wants that joy, ease and outrageous energy that comes with amazing health for everyone, which is why she devoted her life to teaching others the science of the body in an engaging, easy-to-comprehend and entertaining way.  She excites and motivates everyone to listen, and to make great changes in their own lives. 

Karen is the author of two books and the creator of the prestigious Therapeutic Nutritional Counselor Certification course, which teaches more than 120 natural modalities of healing, diets from around the world, electromagnetic frequencies, all about detoxifying and reversing dis-ease in the body and more. Karen's TNC Certification which has impacted thousands and has plans to certify 10,000 lives - globally - in the next five years, is so much more than a coaching program.  It is science, biology, and education from not only Karen who is a sought after Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, but her fellow colleagues: professionals and doctors around the globe.

Karen resides in Southern Utah with her husband, Roger.  They have 11 children and 10 grandchildren.

Great Health? IT'S A CELL THING! 


Dr. Jeffrey Essen, ND

Dr. Essen graduated from Southwest State University with a B.A. in International Marketing.  He also graduated from the Minneapolis School of Massage & Bodywork with a certificate in massage therapy.  Dr. Essen became a graduate from the International school of Naturopathy in Santa Barbara CA with a practitioner’s certificate in Naturopathy and Holistic Healthcare.

He wasn't done yet! He then graduated from the Nutritional Therapy Association of Olympia WA with a practitioner’s certificate in Nutritional Therapy, and as a Certified Gluten Practitioner from 

Dr. Essen holds certifications in the following continuing education workshops; Functional Endocrinology, Functional Bloodwork Evaluation, Functional Neurology & Brain Chemistry, Integrative Blood Chemistry, Aromatherapy, Essential Oil Chemistry, Microbiome & Dysbiosis, ONDAMED therapy, Live Blood Cell Darkfield Microscopy, and a 6 part Autoimmune series. 

Dr. Essen has also studied Native American healing and entheogenic emotional release.

Dr. Essen teaches a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner course certified by the Association of Natural Health and will soon be available right here at

You can see why we love this great doctor!

Dr. Essen lives with his family in Minnesota and enjoys cooking, lure coursing with his dog Stirling, and bicycle rides.


Hope Zvara

Breath, Body, and Belief are the pillars of Hope’s mission to Help Others Purposefully Excel. A nationally recognized speaker, best selling author and lifelong yogi and core integration expert. Hope's expertise help assist people both on and off the mat.

Her early struggle with a life threatening eating disorder and then the loss of her first child led to fully guiding others to a life worth living.

Turning yoga on it's ear. Physically, Hope specializes in functional movement mechanics, full core integration exercises, and mindfulness and yoga that are accessible to everyone.

Hope has owned and operated Copper Tree Yoga Studio since 2006 in Wisconsin.

She is the creator of Core Functional Fitness and runs a full access online movement studio.

Hope has trained with some of the top leaders in functional fitness: Katy Bowman, Leslee Bender, the Grays Institute, Stott Pilates, Phi Pilates, is a certified meditation teacher and is a Experience Yoga Teacher at the 500 level, having taught more than 15,000 hours of classes and taken more than 5,000 hours of training's.
Expect to find live and online classes and training's with Hope to expand your mind, move your body, and feed your soul.

Through every aspect of Hope’s teachings her message is a reminder to all those listening that there is good in all things and that no matter how hard it gets you should never lose hope.

EDUCATOR, MASTER TEACHER - Helping You Take What You Do On The Mat Into Your Everyday Life!

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