The International Institute of Holistic Health and Education Presents The SPRING CONVENTION May 4-5 2018!


YOUR CELLS ARE ALIVE: Understanding Your Internal Cellular Universe!

Join Doctors and Professionals for Enlightening Presentations on How Cells Function! Learn How Human Cells React to Different Substances we Eat, Drink, & Even the Medications we Take. Discover How Changing Cellular Environment Really Changes Our Health and Wellbeing!

FRIDAY, May 4th 
5:15 PM - Kickoff Conference Registration and Exhibitor Booths
6:00 PM  - "SuperFoods 4 SuperCells: Studies Show How Superfoods Build, Heal and Repair the Human Cell." - Karen Urbanek HHP, I2H2E President
7:00 PM - "Enhancing Cell Function With One Essential Life Sustaining Nutrient: Glutathione!" - Dr. Jeff Essen NP, NTP, CGP
8:00 PM - Raw CaCao (Chocolate) and SuperFood Meet and Mingle! 


8:15 AM - Pre Convention Yoga with Hope Zvara! Step into that body!
9:00 AM - Welcome
9:15 AM -  "A Visible Tour of How Human Cells Function To Blow Your Mind!"
10:30 AM -  Break
10:45 AM - "Maximizing Your Medicine: How Absorption Factors and Nutrient Deficient Profiles Can Affect Cellular Uptake" - Dr. Jeff Essen NP, NTP, CGP
12:00 PM - Lunch
1:00 PM - "Yoga for GREAT Digestion and Elimination: Daily Cell Detox 4 Life!" - Hope Zara - CORE Educator
1:45 PM  - “A FASCINATING presentation on how food and nutrients break down and travel to each cell” Dr. Dutch Workman and Dr. Steven Workman
2:30 PM - “Modulating Your DNA Responses: How Cell Receptors Stimulate Healing”
3:30 PM - Break
4:00 PM - Doctors and Professionals Panel Answer YOUR Questions!
5:30 PM - Closing Comments
5:45 PM - Dance Party!

Conference Early Bird Specials

1 Ticket $99

2 Tickets $149

TNC’s $59 or Bring a Friend and Come For FREE!

Starving Student $50 (yes we will feed you chocolate)

Friday Only $35.00

Saturday Only $79.00
Location: Corporate Alliance Building 1487 S Silicon Way, St. George, UT 84770

I2H2E Selected Doctors and Professionals Share With YOU!

Each of the presenters has been carefully selected and are excited to present their findings of Cell Health with you!  Having over 150 years combined experience in the office working with people like you, their insight into the human body and it's core functions at the cellular level is nothing short of life changing and inspiring!


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