HOW TO KEEP YOUR BREASTS Dr. Ray Andrew MD & Karen Urbanek HHP

The popular, riveting, information-packed presentation on breast cancer prevention is coming to Provo, Utah! We want to help you PREVENT breast cancer. Who wants to be a "survivor" when you can know how to prevent it? “How to Keep Your Breasts” will help you feel in control of your health rather than going through life hoping you’re not one of the unlucky ones who is stricken with cancer. Questions? (435)259-4466



HUGE Homeopathy 2-day Event with Neil R. Schultz BCTN, CHP.

 Discover the 230-year history revealing why Homeopathy is the second largest form of medicine in the world!  Students will learn terms and types of Homeopathy, homeoprophylaxis (disease prevention and treatment), and will make remedies. The second day workshop will find students assembling their own EMP safe homeopathy kits with over 500 remedies! With 9 kits to choose from, one or more is guaranteed to be perfect for you! Friday class $100.  If you make kits class fee is only $20.  Kits start at $210.  Literally go home with homeopathic remedies for Measles, tetanus, Diphtheria, Polio, Smallpox, Lyme’s, Mono, Strep, coughs, colds, flu’s, MRSA, fevers, infections, Malaria, H1N1, Anthrax, Bird flu, Herpes, and hundreds of other issues. Take home the frequencies of herbs, minerals, cell salts, amino acids and more all for less than $4.5 a remedy!  November 1-2, New Harmony, Utah.


3 DAY FALL EDUCATION RETREAT! Improving the Health and Frequency of YOU!

This loaded with incredible food, laughter, and educational retreat in the shadows of Kolob Canyon in Southern Utah is a MUST to attend!  

Karen Urbanek HHP, Ray Andrew MD, and other Dr.'s and Practitioners from the Human Body Master Course are excited to be part of this retreat!  Learn how to evaluate what may be causing issues in the human body, how to address those issues, in what order to work on them, and how to muscle test and douse to find answers! - Three days to help YOU take change of your body.

Nancy Wolf will teach grounding meditation and cranial work (with tips you can do at home).  Hope Zvara will lead our yoga and fascia work each day giving you insight into not only your own body and how fascia aids in healing all illness, but has created an amazing presentation.titled: TEAM. Guaranteed to truly change how you interact with others for life.

This retreat was designed for our TNC (Therapeutic Nutritional Counselors) and HHP (Holistic Healthcare Practitioner) students, but is wide open to the public. We are ALL students of health! 

Enjoy daily Yoga, golden milk, smoothies, out of this world foods, hiking , developing friendships with those who love health as much as you, and three days packed with education you can USE!



DISEASE PREVENTION SUMMIT Karen Urbanek HHP, Dr. Ray Andrew MD, Dr. Shane Watt

Eliminate the fear, fright and myth that dis-ease cannot be Prevented! The Disease Prevention Summit gives you a glimpse into how cellular biology reveals the triggers to illness, the truth about genetic disposition, and what makes up your 70 trillion+ AMAZING cells! Discover where dis-ease starts, how to help the nervous system, aid digestion, strengthen cell membranes, improve the circulatory system and create an awesome immune system. YOU NEED A HEALTHY IMMUNE SYSTEM MORE THAN ANYTHING! This is exciting science!

 Join our presenters as they share 3 steps to strengthen the immune system, how to avoid electrical damage from EMF’s at the cell level (a cancer cell exposed to EMF’S from the cell phone or router grow 1,633 X’s faster than healthy cells), what foods feed cancer and candida, how your thoughts magnify your inner health, and how to not live in fear.

The tricks and tools you will be given during these two hours will help you the rest of your life! Living dis-ease free is…..POSSIBLE!

This is a summit you don’t want to miss! Attend in person in Provo, Utah or via LiveStream.  More information coming soon. 


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