Read Your Blood Work Better Than Your Doctor -- Workshop by Dr. Essen

classes dr essen Aug 27, 2019

Dr. Essen is flying in from MN to teach us his famous blood work class!  

SATURDAY SEPT 14th 9 am - 5 pm

Join Dr. Essen and fellow health-conscious students as he explains basic blood chemistry and teaches us nutritional support therapies. He will show you how to access blood panels for you and your family without using the medical system. Each value on the Comprehensive Wellness Panel (blood report) will be reviewed and discussed as to what those numbers mean to a person’s health.  All blood values will be under guidelines of Functional Blood Normal, which is much more accurate than Lab Normal (what hospitals and most all Medical Doctors use).  Each blood value will also have a specific nutritional protocol that will be used in imbalanced results. Each student will also be given a set of specific tools to use to evaluate blood test results.

It is $69.00 to attend the class, and if you would like a blood panel done it is an additional $100.00. If you...

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