Let's talk HISTAMINE: Mental fatigue, "allergy" or digestive cramping? Could be related to THIS organic compound

By Karen Urbanek, Holistic Healthcare Practitioner  


Probably 40% of my clients deal with what they consider "food allergies." 

But what research and my experience suggest... is that for several of them, their condition may actually be a histamine intolerance! 

Could your allergies be a histamine intolerance?

Could your health issues be triggered by a build-up of histamines?

Could the planet be saved by quercetin and DAO?

Yes, yes, and maybe ... it may take more than DAO and quercetin!

Let’s talk HISTAMINE.

Histamine is a chemical involved in the immune system, central nervous system, helps with proper digestion and is a neurotransmitter made in the stomach as part of the stomach acid. 

Histamine’s main role is to cause an immediate inflammatory response. It serves as a red flag notifying your body of any potential attackers and causes the blood vessels to dilate so white blood cells can quickly rush to the site of infection or...

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