Join Hope Zvara creator of the Roll This Foam Roller & AcuBall Workook.

The most comprehensive book on the market!

Join Hope at our Education Center in Sunny Southern Utah and learn  core exercises that WILL change your life, guaranteed. Understand how fascia affects EVERY MOVE WE MAKE, and how it will keep our spine in line, muscles flexible, and bodies healthier.


  1. Learn the right way to roll fascia
  2. Dr. Cohen’s heatable acuBalls are the ONLY heatable self-release tools on the market!
  3. Hope takes you step by step through dozens of techniques to release the catsuit of your body
  4. Dr. Oz rated the acuBalls “an alternative health MUST-HAVE for back and neck pain!”
  5. The acuBalls has been acknowledged at the Fascial Research of Congress as a must have tool!

Today’s educated health care consumer is looking for empowerment- not dependence! The practitioner that educates and inspires their students to learn to help themselves will...

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Make Your OWN BULK Superhero Greens!

healthy living superfoods Mar 07, 2019

Looking for the BEST Superhero feeling ever?!

Enjoy this warm drink each morning and start sewing your cape!

7 steps to Karen’s BULK Superhero Greens!

It must be in the water? The air?  AHH! The food…... I don’t exactly know but I see a large number of clients with low pH (potential of hydrogen) that are mineral deficient.  

Let’s change that up!

In Wisconsin we had green powders made exclusively for our stores.  Today I make my own, and am giving YOU the recipe! I order all my product in bulk, and then mix it up.  

Enjoy Making Your Own Karen’s BULK Superhero Greens and become your OWN SUPERHERO! 

Karen’s BULK Superhero Greens


  1. Organic Alfalfa Powder 2#
  2. Organic Barley Grass Juice Powder 2#
  3. Organic Spirulina 1#
  4. Organic Chlorella 1#
  5. Organic Maca (Puru) ½ - 1 #
  6. Organic Peppermint Powder ¾ #
  7. Organic Beet Root Powder ¼ -½ #

I mix this up and store it in a...

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EMF Dangers? TDSN To the RESCUE!

emf Mar 06, 2019

Following is a small excerpt from the Frequency chapter of my new book: LIVE With Energy: Thrive Without Fear, Sickness or Disease!

T-Time, D-Distance, S-Shielding, N-Nutrition

TIME: That’s easy. Limit exposure to your cell phone, Wi-Fi, computers, or sitting near a router or Smart Meter. (Routers are what provide Wi-Fi connections in your home or business, and Smart Meters are those meters on the outside of your home or office buildings that utility companies use to measure your electrical, gas, and water usage. They are DANGEROUS.) Dr. Mercola writes, “Using a positron emission tomography or PET scan capable of detecting alterations in glucose, the researchers determined that cellphone radiation triggers your brain cells to metabolize glucose at an increased rate. Glucose metabolism equates to cell activation, so the findings indicate that radiation from your cellphone has a well-defined measurable influence on your brain. Essentially, each time you put...

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3 Yoga Poses to Relieve Stress Instantly

hope zvara stress yoga Feb 12, 2019

By Hope Zvara

No matter what age you are, the word stress is widely known. I teach kids yoga, and when I ask if they know what stress is, they often give just as good of an answer as an adult would.

Why is it we get so stressed anyway?

Are we taking on too much?

Are we strapped too thin?

Are we a perfectionist?

Are we feeling unbalanced and out of our body that the idea of feeling or living any other way just seems, well...too stressful to consider.

Yoga has helped me a great deal with the handling of stress and the management of the side effects of stress.

Anxiety, restlessness, bursts of anger, depression, irritability, sleeplessness, brain fog, tension, tightness, pain. I could go on and on, but this is a blog not a book.

So to help you on your path here are three of my favorite poses to help banish stress. Now mind you, if you have never done anything like this, note to self, that you may feel more stressed or anxious at first because it is new and different. But I assure you...

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She’s Alive - How I, Karen, saved our daughter is how you can help others…

Uncategorized Dec 19, 2018

Two years ago to this day, we almost lost our daughter.  

In December 2016, Lilly and I were in Mexico doing testing and treatments after an exhaustive 6 months of visiting many mainstream and alternative doctors and hospitals in America.   

She is alive because of one thing.

The TNC program.

As we traveled we found over and over again that what we knew saved us time, gave us far greater insight into Lilly's condition than most anyone could see, and gave us tools that kept Lilly alive.

There were medical doctors who told Lilly she knew things about the digestive system they never were taught.  She was so upset whenever she was told this that she cried….. She said, “they should know more than me after 40 years of working in this field.”

She knew more because of the Therapeutic Nutritional Counselor program. 

We knew what professionals to seek out because I have written a textbook that is just shy of 800 pages loaded with information on 120...

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Uncategorized Dec 18, 2018

Here is my true-blue-happened-to-me story.
Hold on to your hats…….it’s a trip!

Earlier this year, Julia and I were in Vegas when a man approached us and asked for money.

I felt impressed to give him something, so I opened my wallet.  All I could find were $20-dollar bills, even though I knew I had smaller bills. After looking three or four times, I handed him a $20 and chalked it up to he needed $20.

When paying for our dinner immediately following this incident, all I could find were small bills!

A few days later someone was asking for help, so I gave them a $20.

Then another instance, raising money for a cat foundation, another $20.

Another instance, another $20.

Until I made it a habit to simply give away $20 bills.

And, I gave away a LOT of them…….

Then the magic started.


I needed to pay for something out of the ordinary.

When I went to count the cash I had been collecting from clients, I had over $1500 in $20 bills!


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Thyroid Health Made EASY!

thyroid Oct 27, 2018

The Thyroid is responsible for so much of our health or dis-ease of the body. In this informative call, Karen Urbanek, President of The International Institute of Holistic Health (, dives into the thyroid in details that are very easy to understand. This is one of the most missed and common problems of those looking for health related answers. Press play to get an inside view on the Thyroid!

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Insecticides, Herbicides, Pesticides, BioCides. What's EXACTLY is In Your Food?

Uncategorized Oct 26, 2018



FOR ALL OF YOUR CELLS SAKE! You will not believe what is going on in the food industry, the industrial industry, and how it is affecting each of us throughout the world.

Enjoy Karen Urbanek, President of The International Institute of Holistic Health (, ON FIRE to change the world, one cell at a time!

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You Were Born To Stand Out, So Are You?

Uncategorized Sep 29, 2018

There is an awesome quote we raised our kids with and it recently came to mind as my youngest sat struggling with a homework assignment.

“Why do you try so hard to fit in if you were born to stand out?”

See, all my children have been taught to stand up for themselves and to not be afraid to stand out.

To be different.

To not go with the flow simply because it’s easier.

Amy would take an entire cucumber or red pepper to school and munch on it in science class. At first, she was weird for doing this, but then she became cool.

She didn't care what label she was given.

Eric would leave the house with a huge, green smoothie and have to explain to friends what he was chugging.

He didn’t care about looking different.

He stood out with his healthy drink and loved it. He loved himself.

Those are the lessons we taught our children.

Yet, now with my youngest, more than ever, I see the struggle that comes with Standing Up and Out in the public school system. Or in...

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Gardening For Great Health, Even When You Don't Know How! AUDIO!

Uncategorized Sep 28, 2018

A Gardening Jam Session with a Master Gardener - Dr. Michelle Jorgensen

Let’s get Gardening With the Master! Dr. Michelle Jorgensen is an amazing dentist into bringing naturally, healthy elements into her dentistry who became the Amazing Plant Doctor!

Did you know there is an entire world living beneath our feet?

Microbes, bacteria, insects, worms, organisms without names, root systems, mycelium, all working together to bring us what our cells need. Minerals and Vitamins from Mother Earth in the form of a PLANT!

But just how do we get those nutrients from our gardens if we believe we don’t have a green thumb (or much ability in the garden)!?

Join Dr. J and her two green thumbs and eight other green fingers as she shares her love and knowledge of gardening that even the first timer can understand.

Michelle’s gardens are glorious, her plant wisdom vast and she loves to share it all! Don’t miss this’s the time to start planting!

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