Gardening For Great Health, Even When You Don't Know How! AUDIO!

Uncategorized Sep 28, 2018

A Gardening Jam Session with a Master Gardener - Dr. Michelle Jorgensen

Let’s get Gardening With the Master! Dr. Michelle Jorgensen is an amazing dentist into bringing naturally, healthy elements into her dentistry who became the Amazing Plant Doctor!

Did you know there is an entire world living beneath our feet?

Microbes, bacteria, insects, worms, organisms without names, root systems, mycelium, all working together to bring us what our cells need. Minerals and Vitamins from Mother Earth in the form of a PLANT!

But just how do we get those nutrients from our gardens if we believe we don’t have a green thumb (or much ability in the garden)!?

Join Dr. J and her two green thumbs and eight other green fingers as she shares her love and knowledge of gardening that even the first timer can understand.

Michelle’s gardens are glorious, her plant wisdom vast and she loves to share it all! Don’t miss this’s the time to start planting!

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